A perfect combo of charming and cool, Livingston has a small-town vibe, a lively social scene, and a lovely backdrop of nature and architecture. 

Nestled in beautiful Madison County, Mississippi is a nine-block town named Livingston. Settlers chose the location for its proximity to a sparkling natural spring that still flows into the adjacent Chestnut Spring Lake in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood.


In 1829, Livingston became the county seat and grew to be the largest city in Madison County. The first county courthouse was situated in the town’s square. However, the once bustling town of Livingston slowly became idle as people moved away to towns blessed by the railroads that had bypassed Livingston. The town eventually lost its charter and about all that remained were a few chicken coops and the footprint of foundations in a forgotten town square hugged by ancient cedar trees.

In 2006, this silent town piqued the interest of creative developers who envisioned a way to breathe new life into Livingston. In an ode to the past, architects planned new streets paved exactly where the original roads danced around the town square. A town master plan was created, including building designs and materials that honor and evoke the quality, charm, and style of historic structures.

The feeling that this square was going to be special was palpable to everyone involved, but the challenge was to spread the word. Before the first brick was laid, a weekly farmers market was held to put Livingston back on the map, bringing thousands of people together at the start of the new town. By 2014, the first store opened and a new chapter was written in Livingston’s story.


Livingston is a different place—and a different pace—to experience good times and great memories all year round for the whole family. Calm, pedestrian-friendly roads and a picturesque landscape surround the 1830s-style buildings, inviting you to stay and be a part of something new in Mississippi. Livingston is at once unique and familiar. Not so much a trip back in time, but a chance to forge a better future. Community-minded and forward-looking, Livingston refines and improves while standing on a firm foundation of small-town charm. 

With several restaurants, bars, retail shops, a cooking school, a chapel, and nearby residential offerings, Livingston thrives.

Come to Livingston to dine, shop, live, and be a part of the New Town with an Old Soul.