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Madison County; Livingston Making a Come Back

October 13, 2013

Here in the early autumn it’s not too difficult to spot places where something used to be. In the springtime old home spots are marked with daffodils. In the fall they are marked with run away spider lilies. The houses are deserted for one reason or another but the flowers that the people who used to live there enjoyed, go on as a reminder that things change.

Well, in Madison County the town of Livingston went away decades ago. About the last thing that was left here was the old courthouse. It was torn down and the bricks from it used in the construction of the ordinance plant at nearby Flora during the 2nd World War. The cedar trees standing here today used to ring the courthouse square at Livngston.

But unlike places that once were and are no more, Livingston is making a comeback. Modest at the moment with a Farmers Market giving people who live nearby in Flora and Canton and Madison a place to go and meet in the country for fresh produce, cooked food and some live music and entertainment. David Landrum says this is just the beginning for the new Livingston.

David Landrum: Well this is our farmers market. We’re rebuilding the old town of Livingston. Back in 1829 was the most thriving community in Madison County. The first courthouse in the county was built here up on the old town square. So we started doing three years ago a farmers market every Thursday afternoon from 4 till 8. And the community started coming out to support it and we want to be a celebration of the best of art, literature, music and food.

This was the last farmers market of the season at Livingston. They’ll return next spring. But by next spring, hopefully even by Christmas, there will be new construction to greet the returning Livingston visitors.

David Landrum: It’s going to look like it was built in the 1800s and the old town square is there. The old cedar trees almost 200 years old.

Walt: The sprouting of runaway flowers, daffodils in the spring and spider lilies in the fall mark where places used to be. Sprouting foundations mark where they are coming back. Like at Livingston in Madison County.

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